Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Battle of Water-ewww

Ok...soooo....some of you may know my trials an' tribulations w/a certain someone.  Well, one of my pet peeves is the condition she leaves  our water bowls.  Oh...I'm very aware of her passion for pond divin'.....snoopin' in anythin' an' everythin'.  The fact she loves to spend every single moment outside, in any kind of weather...usually the messier the better.

The Culprit....Lexie...aka-Dirt Magnet

Oh...don't be fooled.....her beard looks ok in this picture...why? may ask...'cause she's already gotten a drink outa not one, but all three of our waterbowls.  Yep, mom gave us each one....then added another.  It didn't help...Lexie runs in' proceeds to drink outa each an' everyone of 'em......

Now...I ask you...would you drink outa' any of 'em?  I take one look at '' would rather go drink outa' the pond  (which I do) place of choice, an' one I demand multiple times from mom at all hours (don't know why she grumbles so much in the middle of the's not like it's far) mom's sink in her bathroom.  I love that cold runnin'' the best part...Lexie's too short to drink outa it.  Oh, I can an' have turned it on myself...but I like to keep mom makes her feel important.  Besides, she really grumbles when she finds the water runnin' for no tellin' how long.  I don't see a problem, really, I kinda like ti that way.

Hmmm....what have we here?' w/ice.....water!!!!!

Oh my gosh...this is soooo good.....

This is best idea, yet.   My own personal water bucket....cold don't melt...and the best thing Lexie's too short to reach the bottom of it.  What do you mean I can't keep it?  It's borrowed?  WELL!   I'm puttin' in a requisition form immediately for my very own...I think I deserve it for all the work an' responsibility I have around's not like I ask for the moon or anythin''...I even got a name for it...."Bailey's Private Cool Cooler".

Let me know when it comes we have to return this one right away?


  1. I think the cooler as water bucket is a brilliant idea! I currently use a 5 gallon thermos, but it gets tipped over with some regularity. This would be much more stable. I'm off to buy one, or several, immediately. Thanks, Bailey!!

  2. I've put in my order w/dad, since he works at a sportin' goods' since he gets a discount, I'm expectin' one realllly soon.