Saturday, October 4, 2014

An Emergency on your part is not Necessarily an Emergency on ours

Today was a real Fall like day...ya know the ones that are cool in the mornin' an' warm in the skies, an' the sun shines just so...that makes everythin' look crisp. decided to go to the store, while dad was workin' on his boat in the front of the house.  Lexie an' I had a field day this mornin' 'cause them squirrels were feelin' frisky an' jumpin' from one pecan tree to the was' maybe a lil' noisy.   I'm not sure how long mom was gone... what with the squirrel chasin', keepin' track of dad an' what not.  But I'm sure glad she got home safely...especially considerin' her unusual speedin' around the corner an' zoomin' in our driveway....then runnin' in the house w/out her grocery bags or purse...she didn't even say nothin' to dad as she ran past.  She did slam the front door, her face all whitish as she yelled our names...then she ran straight to the back yard....still callin' us.  Nothin'....anybody could tell she was panicking as she kinda ran around the gardens callin' us.  Lexie an' I finally decided to go out there an' see what the emergency was an' met her as she was rushin' back in the house. We had been takin' advantage of the quiet time w/her gone an' dad outside to take a lil' upstairs where I could watch dad on his' Lexie in mom's bed.  We had no idea what had set her off, but she sure seemed glad to see us as she ushered us in the kitchen for some cookies an' hugs.  Then she went out to get her stuff outa the car an' tell dad she needed him.  Then we all found out what the emergency was that scared her so much.  As she was drivin' back to the house from the store, she looked across that field to admire our new fence.  There in the back corner, by where the woods used to be, was a big ol' hole in our new fence...she could see it from the road.  Boy did she put the metal to the pedal to get around that block to the house.  She remembered we had been out back when she left, an' dad was out, if we had gone on a walkabout, he wouldn't know it unless we came clear around all them houses to check on him.   So...that was why she was in panic mode.  Turned out, that hole was on the section that dad had left the chain fence up' we don't have access to that part.  Whew!!!  You can imagine mom's relief.  Dad got his tools an' fixed it....seems there weren't any nails in the bottom of a couple of them fence boards an' the wind blew them open.  Mom then started kickin' the bottom of each an' every board to make sure they were nailed down.  She pointed out a couple of boards that had splits in 'em an' told dad he's gotta change 'em 'cause they were bad.  Then mom declared that maybe she oughta put up the groceries, since they were on the kitchen floor an' one bag had ham in it......"HAM!"....Lexie an' I had been enjoyin' all this activity..but "ham"...well, we raced to the kitchen, an' mom found us w/our noses in the bags lookin' for it.  For some reason, mom wasn't even upset...she got the bags an' put 'em up on the table an' started goin' thru 'em.  When she found her ham...she opened it an' gave us each a slice.   Lexie an' I still aren't sure what all the excitement was about...but we sure liked the result.

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