Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lexie wants another Biscuit

It's nice to get recognition an' appreciation from your lil' this mornin'...all she wanted was another lil' piece of one of mom's biscuits.   As soon as Lexie told me, I went into action an' got mom to give us another one.  Lexie told the story on her FB page.  It's true, I don't always pay attention to her...I've got a lot of responsibilities...but I have to tell you, she's a lil' pest sometimes, but she's my pest an' she's special to me......
"I have to tell you that it's great to have a big brother (sometimes).  I was outside keepin' squirrels away from my daddy's pecan trees while mommy an' daddy were having breakfast.  Then I heard mommy call me inside.....she gave me an' Bailey a biscuit.  (We had to share it.)  After that, she went to do some other stuff.  Me an' Bailey were still in the kitchen....I could see there was some more of them biscuits on that plate.  Mommy an' daddy weren't eatin' '' me an' Bailey were right there...w/no' we really like 'em.   Soooo...I pointed that plate out to Bailey...he checked it out...then called mom.  She was ignorin', he went to get her (I followed him).  He told her he wanted her to go w/him...that he had somethin' to show her.  I ran ahead to the kitchen an' placed myself in front of that plate.  Mommy could tell that Bailey was bein' real determined an' serious about her goin' w/him, cause he was bein' loud.  So, she told him to "show her"....Bailey whipped around an' made a beeline to the kitchen, w/mommy right behind him...then he "showed" her that plate of biscuits.   She got the message alright, an' we was sittin' right there waitin' when she got one of them biscuits an' broke it in half.  Then she gave them halves to us.  We were satisified....'cause it was only fair that we got a whole biscuit each....not just a half.  Bailey don't always pay attention to me...but he sure can get a point across to mommy.  :)"

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