Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mom's Family Fishin' Trip

I just dunno about mom, <shakin' my head>.  She goes off on a lil' trip w/dad, they take the boat, leave us guardin' the gone for days.  Oh...she arranged for M'shell to sleep over, tellin' us that we had to guard her, too.   I suspect that's not the real reason...probably just a ruse for us to keep an eye out for each other an' outa  trouble.  In the mom an' dad go, totally unsupervised.  There's no tellin' what kinda stuff they can fall into...especially mom.  She gets into situations here at home w/out any outside help.  Anyway, they both made it home.  As far as I've been able to determine...she's all in one visible damage.  Believe me, as soon as I could contain myself, I gave her a good goin' over.  Lexie about had a conniption fit tryin' to jump, wiggle, jump, run, jump, spin, jump, zoom..all over mom an' all in about a 4 foot area...not to mention she was soaked an' splashin' water everywhere.  We had heard them pull up in the driveway an' back that boat in.  Lexie was in the pond, an' got so excited, she swam to the deep end to get out an' soaked her  Most of that water was now one the floor an' mom, lol.  (Needless to say, we were a lil' excited).
After we all settled down, an' they finished unpackin' an' mom got the washin' machine goin', she started tellin' us what happened on their lil' trip.  It's a wonder we ever let her outa the house.  I just know it's her...stuff like this only happens when she's involved...either that, or no one else ever admits to it. This is just one of the "excitin' things" that happened...they were all out in dad's, dad, papa, Aunt Terry, Aunt Karen, & Uncle Steve, had been out fishin' an' were on their way back.  There's just a lil' channel that goes thru lots of sea grass w/drop offs an' stuff.  Dad's boat's got a thingee on it that tells' 'em how deep the water is all the time, which is important.  Anyways, they were zippin' along w/dad an' Uncle Steve drivin' an' checkin' the depth.  Mom was sittin' in the copilot's chair (she ain't allowed to sit anywhere's else when the boat's zippin', 'cause of what happened last time).  Aunt Karen was way in the back an' Aunt Terry was between mom an' her.  Papa was safely tucked up front.

There they were..just zippin' checked the depth an' it said 11ft........he turned an' went almost rollin' to the front.  All of a sudden, the boat came to an unscheduled/abrupt halt...a complete wasn't movin', much less doin' any zippin'. Dad gets himself up, mom looks back to make sure Aunt Karen was still back there an' hadn't fallen off or somethin'.  But she was ok, an' was leanin' over the back of the seat askin' mom if she had anythin' on her face.  Mom was still in a lil' state of shock but was able to say "nooo...well, except for those big splotches of mud all over it (with a lil' giggle, she sometimes resorts to humor in stressful situations...she says it's better then screamin'

Everybody was ok....but that ol' boat zipped about 15 feet into an uncharted muddy' got itself stuck.  Dad an' Uncle Steve got out of the boat, thinkin' they could push it back off.....but as soon as they sank to their knees in the mud at the front of the stuck boat....they told mom an' Aunt Karen an' Terry they were gonna have to get out an' help push too...'cause that boat wasn't budgin'.  The "girls" looked at that murky water, looked around at ..well, there's really nothin' out there but' finally climbed down to help...w/"ewwww" etched on all their faces.

They got out from the back  an' found themselves standin' in about 18 inches of murky saltwater w/ about 17inches of seagrass ticklin' their feet an' legs...again..."ewww" mom said.   Everybody pushed an' pulled....nada...that boat was stuck!  It had buried it's prop in the mud an' sand.  So...they all tried to lift it outa the can only imagine how that didn't.   It was lookin' bleak...but again..everybody was fact, mom was havin' a hard time givin' the situation the serious concern it deserved.  But like she kept remindin' one was hurt...heck the boat wasn't even was just' that's what that towin' insurance is problemo..just a minor set back...besides no one had  caught any fish anyways.
Then..outa nowhere, there comes another lil' boat...zippin' past on the other side of the channel.  Mom's sure they did a double take seein' this boat in the middle of the water...just sittin' there, w/ 5 people standin' in the water around it.  When it looks like they are gonna just keep goin'...they turned around an came back...then circled around to the other side where dad's boat was sittin'.   They discussed a plan w/dad an' Uncle Steve, and they determine that the best was is for them to swing dad's boat facin' them an' then pull it out that way (he knew the waters an' had probably done this before).

So, they tied a line an w/everybody pushin' while they pulled w/their boat (mom kept thinkin' it was just gonna be a matter of time before the five of them would do a face plant in that mud, but it never happened).  Just in a matter of minutes, they got the boat free an' dad was able to drive it to deep water, again.   Mom, Aunt Terry an' Karen...were still, they started walkin' towards the boats, thinkin' they were gonna have to do some swimmin' eventually.

Aunt Karen was in an' Aunt Terry were followin' behind her..Mom thought that was a great plan, she figured Aunt Karen was the youngest so she could go strikin' out first across all that sea grass.  Then she told Aunt Terry to just follow behind an' if Aunt Karen suddenly disappeared by steppin' in a deep hole, they'd know to go around (not to mention scarin' everythin' luckin' below away).

 About then, the guys that rescued the boat, told dad they were goin' to rescue the "girls" for two reasons. One, was because Mom, Terry & Karen's walkin' had stopped because they had noticed that Uncle Steve was wadin' in water up to his waist an' had collectively decided they weren't goin' there.  An' the second reason was the "girls" were standin' n that water all doubled over laughin'' couldn't walk much less swim...they had totally lost it at that point.

The rescueres got their boat right over where they were, an' pulled 'em one by one outa that water.  Mom didn't even lose her flip flops (she wasn't about to walk barefoot out there).  They even rescued Uncle Steve outa the water.  As they waited for dad to pull his boat up close, so they could hop from that boat back to theirs....Papa was still sittin' safely up in front an' wavin' w/a big smile on his face, which set off the laughter, again.

The rest of their ride back to the beach house was uneventful.  An' gave everybody a super special memory to laugh mom said, "no harm, no foul".  Dad did get the hose out to rinse the mud off the boat...especially the back....(there was an Aunt Karen clean spot, totally surrounded by mud where she had been sittin' before it all hit the ....).  The only pictures or took her camera outa her pocket when she had to abandon the ship....

Other stuff happened, tryin' to fish when you're surrounded by dolphins, or when somebody dropped their fishin' pole in the water between the dock an' the' everybody had to hold the boat off while somebody went swimmin' for it, or catchin' a giant bullfrog tadpole in a crab trap, seein' herds of skates (like small stingrays) swimmin' across the water like they were flyin', there was also a blood moon one nite, a lil' mini moon, someone caught an oil derrick an' had to rescue a fishin' line...all stories for another time....all in was a typical kinda trip for mom.  One thing for sure.. it's never boring.  

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