Wednesday, January 7, 2015

AHS Official Equipment

I got all kinds of excited when mom put on her shoes an' grabbed her big lite an' headed outside.  Of course I was right there w/her....she went down the path, then hung a sharp left at the end of that lil' path. I was lookin' thinkin' there was somethin' in those bushes, Lexie was on the other the bushes lookin'.  Neither one of us smelled anythin'.  I went around mom to see what the heck she was after.  Know what it was?  She was cuttin' some kind of lil' plant outa one of her big pots out there.  I made her let me smell it.....just in case it was somethin' I needed to know for later.  She called it "time"...all I know is it made me sneeze.  Wasn't anythin' I thought was of value, but w/her, you never know. She put it in a stew she made.  After dinner, we got a lil' of it, an' I have to say it was really good (what lil' taste we actually got compared to what was actually left in that pot)...I'm not sure that "time" improved it...after all the best part is the beef chunks.   Anyway, I don't think I approve of her usin' the official AHS big lite for personal use like this.  We thought we had a real case. Have to say it was a lil bit of a let down to just be escortin' her to get some lil' bit of greenery.

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