Saturday, January 10, 2015

Doin' an Allniter

Mom was a lil' disappointed last nite, but she's gotta understand that sometimes duty outweighs comfort.  Dad got called into work for an' overniter, that left mom sleepin' alone.  After he left, she stayed up late answerin' our messages on the c'mputer for us. Then when she went to bed, she called us, hopin' we'd sleep in bed w/her (she really wanted a foot warmer), or at least in her room.   Now, we do that lots of times an' have to admit, it's when dad's there, too.  (We do like a family "puppy pile" on' when she don't feel good, I'm always there).  Last nite, we weren't gonna do that...nope, nohow.  Lexie stationed herself at the back door an' just lifted her head at mom, when asked if she was gonna go niteynite in bed w/mom, an' then w/no hesitation laid it back down on her blankie.  I went upstairs to my tower, an', oh..I heard her call me...but I had work to do.  I knew dad was gonna be gone all nite long, 'cause he was wearin' those "not goin' anywhere to have fun" clothes.  So, our duty was guard mom!  The best place for me was in my tower, of  course.  It's warm up there an' I have a panoramic view of the front of the house an' the streat in front...pretty much the neighborhood.  I can see a threat (most times just a transient c.a.t.) from half a block away.....there's no way anyone can sneak up.  Lexie's hearin' is, she's stationed at the backdoor...again, no way, anyone or anythin' can breach that entry.  Mom had to resort to surroundin' herself w/pillows..on her feet, back an'' of course her head.  But she seemed to manage.  I gave her a early mornin' nosepoke after dad came home an' went to sleep.....just to make sure she knew that all was well, an' I was off' that we had already been outside an' yes, it was still cold.  (Guess she guessed that w/the temp of my nose when I had to stick it under the covers to poke her with it...she did kinda jump)  :)

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