Sunday, January 11, 2015

MudBug...AKA- Lexie

Bark, bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,bark, bark, bark,.....4am.  Mom finally gets up after tryin' the rollin' over coverin' head w/a pillow response, but that insistant constant bark of Lexie's just permeates everythin'..even mom's closed door.  An' Lexie just don't give up.  Finally, mom throws off the covers, goes to the' starts to open it.  She don't turn on any lites, 'cause..well...nothin's changed in years here an' it's pretty much a straight shoot to that door....except for us.  Just as she's reachin' for  the door knob an' unlockin' it...Lexie is jumpin' up on her in excitement 'cause she's gettin' her way..again.  Then mom..freezes...jumps back with a "ewwwwww"' a "wt?"' a "you're all WET!"' a "get off me!". She pulls up the blinds an' looks's rainin'.  Then with her wet foot, wet jammie leg she goes to the kitchen an' turns on that lite.  We follow her.  She looks at me...I look normal...maybe the bottom of my feet are a lil' damp.  She feels' I'm just a lil' damp on my back, but that's all.  Hey, I'm not stayin' out there in the cold way, no how.  Dad let us out when he got up...I went out, came right back in...unlike someone else.  Then mom got a good look at Lexie.  She didn't really say much, except tell her in her "mom voice" (you know that's kinda quiet..but there's no wiggle room)...that she was NOT goin' outside an' she WAS gettin' a' to go to BED, right NOW!  Mom, then went back to bed.  I jumped up w/her..'cause I'm the good I wanted to make sure I stayed on her good's cold an' I sure don't want a bath.  Lexie musta' figured she better lay low...'cause she was quiet after that.  Plus, mom found the evidence that dad gave her some cereal milk before he left for work.  Can't wait to see how that bath thing goes, today...since it's still cold, rainy an' lots of mud.  lol

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