Saturday, January 10, 2015

All in the Tastebuds

Mom is her own worst critic in the kitchen.  Me, dad, an' Lexie are always up for tryin' some of her experiments.  An' it's very seldom if any of us don't like it.  Sense we may not have a clue to what her "vision" was, we usually like it (an' that includes dad).  But if it don't turn out like she likes it....down the disposal it goes.  Oh, she usually serves it...just 'cause she don't usually have a back up plan.  But there isn't any "savin' it" after that.  Like was cold an' rainy all day long...she didn't want to cook soup or stew...she already did that this week.  She didn't want to make chili...had that last week....she really didn't want to stand in the kitchen an' cook...I think that's the problem.  She wanted somethin' that would cook itself.  What to do what to, she gets out her' some risotto rice.  Goes on the c'mputer an' looks at all the recipes for crockpot risotto....combines about three of 'em w/what she actually has in the pantry...dumps it all into the crockpot turns it on an' goes back to sittin' under a blankie on the couch.  Hours later...she checks' stirs' thinks it's pretty good..kinda.  But dad isn't up, she turns it on warm.  When he gets up...she goes to serve' well...she's had better luck w/wallpaper paste.  She tries to add more broth..but it just makes more glue.  Dad ate a big serving of it, along w/the shrimp she made to go along side (those were perfect 'cause there wasn't any of them left an' no sharin' w/us).  Lexie an' I thought it smelled fantastic.  Mom wasn't' it was sentenced to the we barely got a spoonful & we loved it!  Dad suggested that maybe she could roll it into balls an' fry it...she just glared at him an' continued dumpin' it into the sink, totally disregardin' me, Lexie, an' dad. We didn't care what it looked like.  She's gotta understand that the three of us just care what it tastes like.  So what if it did look like a big glob of glue that her wooden spoon could stand straight up's all in the tastebuds mom...allllll in the tastbuds....

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