Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Cure

Mom's prided herself that she's not allergic to much.  There was that bull mastiff she had, that everytime he brushed against her legs she'd start itchin' an' have a rash..but it wasn't much of a biggee to her.  She just wore jeans a lot.  She's picked flowers in the middle of poison ivy, with no problem.  Mosquitoes don't bother her, not sure if they even bite her..the mostly swarm dad. Well...she finally may have found somethin', an' she's not sure what it was.  The other day, when she got out her clippers an' was cuttin' back some bushes an' vines, somethin' didn't agree w/her.  She's got itchies.  There's spots on both arms that she's just about gotten to the point of wantin' to take a brandin' iron to 'em to just burn the itchies off.  She's tried everykind of ointment in the medicine cabinet...even the one from my vet.  Nothin' worked...she even wakes up at nite, scratchin' herself raw.  There's even lil' tiny blisters, nothin' has worked.  She finally went an'  got somethin' new...benedryl extreme cream, an' put that on it last nite.  I noticed she was havin' a problem.  So, I went over an' made her show me her arm.  I gave it a good sniff...then I gave it a good lick or  two.  Lexie saw what I did..an' she went over an' did the same thing.  This mornin', mom said her arms were much better.  The lil' blisters were gone an' there wasn't as much itchyness.  She still doesn't know what she got into that caused it.  An' now, she's doesn't know what made it better...that cream...or good ol' fashion dog spit.  I really don't know why she even wonders.  I like to think of it as holistic/natural medicine...it's worked for us canines for generations.

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