Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ice is not all the same

MOM!  It's not the same!
........that's what I had to tell her.  OK...I admit it, I had a lil' revolt.  I tried to humor her, when she'd get up an' get me a bowl of ice an' put it in the kitchen.  You'd think she'd caught on, when I'd go get one piece at a time, bring it into the living room, an' chew it in front of her.  Then go back an' get another an' another.  Guess sarcasm is lost on her for some reason. Why after all this time she's startin' to object to stickin' her own hand in her glass of soda or sweet tea,  fishin' out some of that ice, an' feedin' it to me a couple of pieces at a time?  It's our thing! Besides plain ice tastes like..well, plain ice.   So, tonite...I decided enough is enough.  I glared at her...stared her down.....planted my paw on her leg, gave that glass a look then told her in one demandin' bark I wanted that ice, an' I wanted it now!  Oh, she tried to stare me down...but she couldn't do it.  I was serious...I wasn't gonna blink or grin...I was like stone.  Did she give in?  You betcha....she didn't have a choice.  At first, she gave me a piece....then when I demanded another (hey, I wasn't givin' in)....she got up...went into the kitchen, got my bowl, brought it into the livin'' poured all her ice an' what was left of her drink into that bowl.   It's not exactly the lesson I was tryin' to teach her...but she is a work in progress.  As she walked away, she told dad (who was laughin') that I just better not be wantin' her mornin' coffee.  Hmmmm...hadn't thought of that....but I do like her toast an' bacon.  :)

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