Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Shoe

Well, mom...that'll teach you!  I admit that I stole your shoe, while you were watchin' tv.  I was just tryin' to get you up off that couch an' engage me in a lil' game of keep away (you) an' chase (me).'s totally your fault.  When Lexie came strollin' in from outside, you told her to get your shoe from me.  Well, she did.  Then what did you expect her to do?  Bring it back to you? I really am ROTFL......  She took it to her bed an' proceeded to start takin' the insides outa it.  One thing she did accomplish though...was get you up off the couch.  Almost got a chase goin'...but she saw you comin' an' grabbed that shoe an' took off out her lil' door into the nite, leavin' you standin' there in the middle of the livin' room barefooted. An' FYI...standin' there yellin' "LEXIE, BRING BACK MY SHOE", with your hands on your hips didn't accomplish much.  She came back alright.  Poked her lil' head in her door w/that shoe in her mouth, saw you standin' there w/your hands on your' then backed right back out an' took off to who knows where. When you opened the backdoor, there was no sign of her or your shoe.
You tried to get me to go out there an' get her, since I was just standin' there w/a grin on my face.  But I'm not gettin' involved in's all b'tween you an' Lexie, now.  You'd have your shoe, if you'd just played w/me.  So, I'm just gonna watch the show from the couch.
Good thing Lexie's predictable, an' you figured out how to get your shoe back w/out havin' to go out there w/a flashlite.  What's the magic word?  "COOKIE"!  Yep, you only had to say it once, an' Lexie came runnin' inside w/your shoe.   She dropped it halfway to the kitchen to get her "reward", all in one piece, too.  (Does the word "extortion" ring any bells?).' btw....don't forget to bring my "cookie" to me on the couch....remember I'm the good one.  Why are you muttering the word, "manipulators"?

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