Monday, August 24, 2015


What a way to start out the week.  May have to go on the lam.   Mom says not to worry about it, but it's the "government"..."big brother"....who knows..squirrels, cats an' rats.  We've still got one of them land line phones w/a recorder on it.  Mom refuses to take a phone outback...she says that's not a place for tech stuff.  So, that phone takes messages.  Well, there was a message alright.  It was somebody sayin' the IRS is about to file a lawsuit against "ME"!  An' I needed to call some number right away to keep 'em from doin' it.  Mom wouldn't let me use the phone.  I've got to wonder if they finally found out that I was head of a big business.  Not sure how, it's not like I stockpile profits...we usually eat all profits an' wages here at AHS.  An' I'm sure not gonna send them any reports, heck I'm pretty sure they're on our list of non grata visitors anywho. Hmmm...maybe it was that new cat I saw skulkin' around the neighborhood last nite.  I knew he was up to no good, an' he did run off when I yelled at him from my tower.  

I've decided!  I'm not gonna give in to 'em.....they'll have to come get me, if they dare.   Let 'em just try to get any of my stuff.  I'll put Lexie in charge of guardin' our cookies an' treats...there's no way no how that anyone'll get past her.  I've got her in disguise, too....just in case. She's ready, too...especially as soon as she realized that her cookies are mixed up with my cookies.  Trust me, our cookies are now safer then if they were in Fort Knox.   (There may be a small problem w/embezzlement, but I'm not really worried about that)

 In the meantime, just to be safe.....I'll be doin' my patrols indognito.  You can never be too careful.

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