Friday, October 23, 2015

Mop Brat

I was stunned!  Stunned, I tell you!  There I was just loungin' up in my tower...watchin' the people goin' off to work in the neighborhood.   I was waitin' on that gang of thieves that make their way around in that big truck stealin' everybody's bags of stuff.   Then...all of a sudden, some lil' mop haired dog comes strollin' down the middle of the street, just as pretty as you please (actually, he was kinda dingy & dirty lookin' as if he had been used to mop up somethin').  I stood up in my big loungin' bed in alert mode.  He came closer an' closer to my house.  All of a sudden, he made a beeline for those bags mom had put out.  I couldn't believe it!  He had his head stuck between those bags with just his tail stickin' out as he checked 'em out. Of course I had to let him have it!   He musta' taken my warnin' as serious, 'cause he decided not to tear into them an' steal somethin'.  But talk about a lil' brat...he turned around an' peed on those bags, then headed down to our neighbors bags to check them out.  All I can say is, he's lucky I'm up here an' he's off down there somewheres.  (But I sure wish I could go down there an' at least erase his markin', it sure irks me that other canines'll think that stuff belong to that mutt).

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