Thursday, October 15, 2015

Subtrefuge...or not......

Dad said he's not talkin' to me.  I certainly don't hold any grudges, even gave him a classic head in the crotch nose poke.  Nada.  Well, ok..then.  I can take a hint, if he wants to sulk, it's not my fault.
I thought we had settled this type of situation long ago.  Don't know why he's all of a sudden actin' like it's somethin' new. Yes, it's true I woke him up early to go outside.  An' he got up an' let me out.  Then I guess he decided to take advantage an' visit the bathroom before goin' back to bed.

This is when it happened.  There was no vacancy in the bed.  he said it was like magic.  I was all stretched out on his side of the bed, w/my head on his pillow.  He coulda swore I was outside.  As he stood there w/his hands on his hips tellin' me to move,  I rolled my head over to point out that mom was still snoozin'' that means noone, "NO ONE" disturbs her.  Then gave him a pointed look an' plopped my head back down on the now,  "my pillow".   Besides, the mornin' snooze in bed w/mom is my time.  He abandoned his spot.  It's not like I'm gonna go seek him out an' ask if he's plannin' on comin' back to bed.  He finally took the hint an' left.
Not only is he sulkin', but he actually accused me of lurin' him outa that bed w/a false "I need to go out", just to get him outa bed so I could take his spot.


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