Sunday, October 18, 2015

One in Paw is Worth.......

Geeezzz.....first it was a sweet tator chip....<nope, I don't want that...snub>, mom puts it into my food bowl an' I watch Lexie eat it (she's like a garbage disposal...I swear she doesn't have a taste bud in her),

Next it was one of them "dog" treats...<are you kiddin', I didn't like 'em when you opened the package...snub>

Mom just stands there starin' at me...I stare back.....Lexie is hoverin' off to the side liftin' one paw an' the next hopin' she's gonna score  the next thing I snub.....
I know there's waffles, punkin' oreos, an' even dad's poppytarts  (not "farts" people..."tarts").   Then mom gets that squinty eye look....I sigh....but try to keep my composure.....after all you have to learn to pick your battles.  She goes back in that jar an' pulls out another one of them sweet tator chips an' holds it out to me.  I go ahead an' take it (they are pretty good actually w/ the cinnnnnammmonnnn on 'em).  Lexie follows me in case I'm just humori' mom, but I go ahead an' eat it.  After all a sweet tator chip in paw is worth two waffles that are goin' back in the freezer for another day. An' it's always good to boost mom's ego an' morale, that way they think they are actually in

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