Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Pill Dance

I shoulda known! Didn't even think about it, but got caught up in the moment when mom was cleanin' out the fridge w/all kinds of scrumptious leftovers...chiken, biscuits, tators & gravy...even a bit of sausage. Talk about a score! Lexie an' I cleaned up. Then.....that's when it went downhill!
Mom gave Lexie a chunk of cheese...of course Lexie scarfed it down an' wanted more. Mom gave her another lil' chunk. Then Mom offered it to me....nope! Not gonna fall for' before I knew it, dad had me. It was that dang pill again. I can't believe I fell for it. I clamped my mouth shut, dad was straddlin' me, mom gave dad my pill, an' dad finally managed to get my mouth open an' jam that pill down my throat. I slammed my mouth shut. We all kinda relaxed. Dad said, "that's was easy". Then I spit that pill right out!
I clamped my mouth shut, wrastled em to get it poked lil' bits of cheese in my mouth (are you aware that we can nibble w/our front teeth w/out actually openin' our mouths? We can!). Finally, dad got my mouth open stuck her arm down my mouth an' put that pill wayyyyy back in my throat. I shut my mouth....looked at 'em both...then calmly coughed up that dang pill again. Lexie was sittin' there watchin' an' hopin' I'd cough up some cheese..but that wasn't gonna happen.

At this point in time....we was all just starin' at one could hear all the wheels turnin' in our heads.....Mom an' I were havin' a stare' she told me that if she had her druthers...she wouldn't ever give me that pill...but it was for my own good. Dad got my mouth open (a lot easier, since I'd decided I'd made my point), an' mom put that pill back down my throat. I swallowed it...then mom gave me a huge piece of' a lil' piece for Lexie, since she was in support status (for who I'm not sure).
After I ate my cheese, mom was on the couch...I got up there an' gave her a kiss an' settled down by her. I don't hold a grudge for what happened....after all it's a dance we go thru every 4-6's nothin' new. There's very few things mom an' I disagree on...this is one of '' it wouldn't do for me to just give in to her. I feel it's important to assert yourself from time to time...just as a reminder of who's really in charge. When you're's all about compromise.

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