Monday, October 19, 2015

Not exactly Musical Beds, but close.....

Ok....let me begin by tellin' you that it didn't go quite like I planned, but it worked out.

You see, it's been a lil' cooler, lately, an' Lexie an I have been havin' a lot more rousin' games of biteyface an' chase outside.  Between that an' all the crazy squirrel activity we've actually cut back on our late nite patrols an' started goin' to bed a lil' earlier.  (Mom doesn't believe that's gonna last...not sure why).

Now when I said "goin' to bed"...that was just an expression...not designatin' that we went to "our" beds.  Lexie's been passin' out in dad's chair or on the floor by the back door.  Me?...well, that's where the story begins.

Dad gets up super early, so he goes to bed super early.  He said goodnite to mom as he was retirin' for the nite.  Then he came back out an' told her that I was in his' stretched out on his pillow.  She told him to make me move.  (I can magically make myself weigh as much as a ton of concrete when I want to)

Anyway, he musta tried...'cause when mom came to was in her spot...stretched out on her pillow!   I was still stretched out on his side...on his pillow.   I could actually feel her get that squinty eye' I did hear this "uh uh uh...not gonna work"  accompanied by a click of her camera for evidence to be used in the future.
So, naturally, I did what I need to do....make the best of the situation.   I rolled over an' smiled.   As she got into bed, I snuggled up an' spooned against the back of her legs.
All's well that ends well, I s'pose.....have to admit, though...we had loads more room once dad got up an' went to work....just sayin'.....

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