Sunday, January 31, 2016

Airedale Diet

Well, we let mom sleep in this mornin'....Lexie didn't start makin' a racket to go out till 5am. Mom was a lil' more alert...not much more..but a lil' more. She actually stood there for a minute watchin' us. Then she went back to bed. We were both back inside snoozin' on the couch when dad got up.
After he left, I relocated to his spot on the big bed w/mom.

Lexie may enjoy her time on the couch at nite w/mom...but my time is mornin's. I love to snooze in that bed next to mom. It's our time. She wakes up an' talks to me an' gives me scratches an' hugs. Then she gets up an' gets ready for the day. I get up an' follow her outa the room wearin' just my mantle of responsibility. Between mom, Lexie, our yard, an' the neighborhood, I've got a lot to do.
But first things first.....the kitchen. Mom always gets coffee.....I get a bite of my food an' wait for her. She then grabs her cup an' a cookie or toast an' we both head outback to see what's goin' on there w/Lexie. That's when mom shares her toast or gives us a mornin' cookie.

For some odd reason, mom's decided to fall victim to them advertisin' guys. She bought some granola bars, supposedly to be healthier. They're quinoa, yogurt, fruit an' nut. She took one bite.....mumbled somethin' to the effect that she should have known. Things haven't changed much since she was lil'....if it says "healthy" or "good for you" then chances are it don't taste good.

Now, we've already had our lil' cookie, but since she still had somethin' edible, we were still hangin' around her..just in case. She broke it into an' gave the first piece to Lexie..who gobbled it down right away. Not sure if she even slowed down enough to taste it. Then mom gave it to me. I'd been watchin' her reaction, so I was a lil' more suspect. I gave it a sniff or two...didn't smell like much. Even gave it a cautious lick. It was strange. Wasn't sure what kind of stuff mom was tryin' to give me....finally, mom laid it down in front of me an' told me that's all she had. (I was really hopin' for somethin' w/butter or bacon, if you know what I mean). With a sigh, I picked it up an' took it back in the house to my bed to give it a thorough examination an' then eat it. 
Now, I appreciate mom sharin' stuff.....but I wish she'd just stick w/the tried an' true.....bacon an' eggs, buttery cinnamon toast, pancakes, waffles, even cereal milk from her cheerios......I'm hopin' she's learned her lesson an' not waste her time or money on them healthy things. 

Lexie an' I are here to help....we'll call it the "Airedale Diet" what you want, but allocate a good percentage of each plate to us. It's a win/win...easy an' makes everybody happy.

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