Sunday, January 24, 2016

Early Spring Cleaning

Mom's been a lil' busy this mornin'. Seems she's been doin' some unplanned early spring cleanin' of her drawers. Oh, she's been plannin' on doin' that for some time, but not today. Thanks to AHS, she was given a lil' push to do it before spring.
At about 5:30am, Lexie an' I were makin' a racket, an' mom didn't bother gettin' up to see what was goin' on....or help. She told us to "pipe down" (don't really know what that means, we weren't doin' anythin' w/pipes) an' go back to bed. She didn't even get outa bed!
When mom finally rolled outa bed an' made her way to her bathroom to get ready for the day, she came to an' abrupt halt at the doorway. Neither me or Lexie came to see what was goin' on when we heard mom sayin' stuff...that was comin' across as kinda sputterin' noises. Dad didn't either.
She made an immediate about face an' headed for the kitchen in her pj's. She asked dad if he saw her' he said, "yes, good thing it wasn't dark", an' then laughed. She gave me an' Lexie that squinty eyed look, as we both were loungin' on the couch. Then she declared that it might take more then one cup of coffee before she heads back in there.
I don't know what the big deal was. We were just doin' our job. The overnite freezin' temps, is makin' our nice warm house enticin' to those lil' field' there's just a big wall between her bathroom an' the garage. Lexie an' I are always on alert when mom an' dad are may not think so, but we are. It's not like we sleep the whole nite away like they do..we've got regular house patrols. An' last nite, we heard an mom's bathroom.
We tracked the intruder to behind mom's lil' dresser, but there was no way we could get behind it or move it. We discussed it (that's when mom heard us...again, we weren't playin' w/any pipes). So, there was nothin' else to do, but take those drawers out. (We've seen her open an' close 'em bunches ot times, so we know how they work).
First we took out the bottom one...but the openin' was still to small for either of us to really get back the one above it had to come out. Actually, it wasn't that hard...even w/them round knobs....We got them drawers out. We even moved the drawers outa the way, 'cause we needed room to work. Then we investigated behind the dresser. We could tell he had been there, but he was gone now. But where?
Next, we had to got thru all them clothes in those drawers we pulled out....each an' make sure he wasn't hidin' in 'em. Both of us knew mom wouldn't like a surprise mouse in her drawers.
Satisfied, that we scared that mouse back to where he came from, we went back to bed till dad got up an' let us out.
I think this goes in the "AHS, Good Job" file. We got rid of the intruder, an' helped mom w/her spring cleanin'.

Not sure why mom didn't take a "before" picture of all our hard work.

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