Friday, January 29, 2016

Lesson in Patience, mom finally gets outa bed an' gets dressed.  She goes to the kitchen to get her coffee, then calls me an' Lexie in there for our mornin' meetin'.

Lexie comes runnin' in from outside, an' I'm in there, already, 'cause I followed mom outa her room after she got dresssed.  You see, after Lexie an' I get dad off for work, I take his place in the big bed 'to protect" mom, while she's sleepin'.   Then I stay there in that comfy bed till she's really up & relatively dressed for the day.

Mom's got her coffee an' asks us if we'd like a cookie.  Well, "duh"...of course we do.  This is our mornin' routine...why she even bothers askin' us, I don't know.  Especially, Lexie....has anyone ever seen Lexie "not want a cookie?"

Mom's yammerin' away about somethin'..while we're waitin' on our cookie......patiently waitin'....hopin' she's gonna wind down soon an' hand out the goods......

Finally, she hand Lexie one of them lil' cookies outa our jar.  It's gone before mom can even put her hand in the jar to get me one.  (side note....don't know why Lexie likes cookies so much, it's not like she even tastes them).      Then mom hands me one.   I sniff it...snub it.  (You know, the closed eye quick jerk of the head to the right, so there's no mistake).   Lexie, of course sees this an' before mom can take her hand away, she grabs it.
Does mom give up?  Do we give up?  No.   Lexie's not givin' up, 'cause she's hopin' to reap any spoils that I turn down.  I'm not givin' up, 'cause I know mom's got a' she's sure not eatin' one of them doggy cookies.  Mom's not givin' up, 'cause...well, she now thinks it's a battle of wills an' she's not even had one cup of coffee.

It's now a waitin' an' starin' game.

Mom looks at us...we look at her.  We're both still waitin'....patiently waitin'' hopin'....

Then mom picks up her coffee cup...get a lil' squinty eyed at me...puts down her cup after a long swig......& picks up our cookie jar.    She gives Lexie a couple (they're really small)....then gives me one.  I snub it again.  She gives it to Lexie (who thinks this is a great' she's winnin' as far as she's concerned).

Again...a lil' bit of an eye squint from mom.   Totally innocent patiently waitin' look from me.   A "wow this is great" look from Lexie.  Then mom pops the rest of her lil' donut in her mouth, picks up our cookie' gives me that ultimatum..."that's all there is...take it or leave it", an' gives me the jar to see (sniff) for myself.  

Dang it!   No donut!  Just them cookies!  Well....I actually like 'em...but I was hopin' for a donut, or part of one.  So, I go ahead an' get a couple of those lil' doggy cookies, an' Lexie gets another one (why isn't anyone keepin' count of how many she's gotten?  I dunno, but she thinks that fair is fair...if I get somethin', she has to, also..everytime.  Totally not countin' the in between times)

Mom goes back to her coffee.  Lexie goes back outside to watch for squirrels.  I go to the livin'room to the couch.  That way I'm centrally located in case, Lexie needs me outside an' I can keep up with mom.

Just when I get really calls me.  I look up an' she's givin' me that secret hand signal she's got for me.   I go back in the' guess what?   She gives me a lil' piece of her donut she saved for me.   She's all proud of herself, thinkin' she's won somethin'.  I let makes her feel in control an' happy.   If she don't know that I saw her put that last bite down when she picked up our cookie jar, an' that I verified that it wasn't in the' that..."hey...big nose here....I can smell a glazed donut"....then I'm certainly not gonna burst her bubble.    

There was another reason why I was waitin' on the couch.....waitin' ...patiently.....  

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