Friday, January 22, 2016

An' it's not even a Blue Moon

I'm blamin' it on a full' it's not even a blue one. Mom was on a roll, went out an' put a couple more plants in her greenhouse. Checked on the rest of 'em, then decided they were all on their own. The wind's blowin' so hard it'd be pretty much useless tryin' to wrap anythin' up. Then she put dad's oil less fryer in the garage.
It was about dark-thlrty then, so...she went to the back door an' called Lexie. I had been followin' her around, so I stepped out on the patio an' looked around. Mom called her again, 'cause she hadn't come runnin'. We both waited....I looked at mom for the go' she pointed an' told me to go find her. I took off.
I did a full circle w/mom slowly followin' me (she was checkin' along the fenceline). After checkin' all her favorite spots, mom met me at the gate (you know the one....kinda like revisitin' the scene of the crime before). I sniffed at the gate, mom called Lexie...nada.....Mom took off for the house.
She checked the garage...thinkin'/hopin' she closed her off in there..but no Lexie.
Mom grabbed her keys an' a purse, no license, no' got in the hummer. Total "da ja vu", only this was a lot more worried....'cause I wasn't w/Lexie where ever she was.
It was almost completely dark by the time mom made a pass up an' down all three of the streets in our neighborhood an' then back down ours. Mom came back an' didn't even pull all the way up in the driveway.....she ran in the house an' rechecked the garage...then to the back. She had stepped out on the patio when we both heard barkin' sounded like it was comin' from the front......
Both of us ran inside, an' I ran up the started to go out the front door, but followed me instead to my tower. Before she got there, guess who came runnin' down the stairs w/a big grin? Lexie!
Like I's a full' not even a blue one...but Lexie, who hardly ever goes up to my tower w/me or' never goes up there by herself....was up in my tower..alone..doin' who knows what besides spyin' on mom drivin' up an down the neighborhood lookin' for her.
Mom said she's makin' an appointment at the hair dresser in the mornin'...not sure what that has to do w/anythin'....but I did check an' make sure all my pillows were still on my big bed up there.

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