Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Nose knows...but I'm not tellin'..., I heard somethin' outside a lil' after got up an' let us out.  He left Lexie's lil' door open but, also, told us to "come right back".   It had turned cold an' clear after that front blew all the rain out, an' we were eager to see what critters were out an' about in our yard.  We zoomed outside w/out lookin' back, an' disappeared out into the dark....not for long, though...those motion lites came on before dad had a chance to close the big door.  We like the lites, but do have to admit it kinda kills any chance of surprisin' tresspassers.
Dad went back to bed, while we did our patrolin'.  As soon as we were sure everything was safe from any intruders, we headed back inside.  We had had a great time zippin' an' zoomin' all's a shame that mom an' dad prefer to sleep at nite.   Anyway, just like we always do....we went straight to mom to let her know we were "right back".  W/grins on our faces, tails waggin'....we jostled each other to be the first to give her those kisses.  Lexie snuck in there w/the first couple....wet an' sloppy.  Those got mom kinda awake...then I got in there w/mine.  I like to give her slow an' completely across the face kind of kisses.  
All of a sudden she bolts up, looks at the clock (3:30am), looks at me...then of all things...sniffs my face.  I, of course, think this is great an' gives her some more I get a smile? a hug?...noooo....I get a "ewwwwww"' a "what the heck have you been up to".  She even manages to wake dad up at this point & he's askin' her what's goin' on.  I'm still tryin' to kiss her to fix what ever the problem is...she's tryin' to not touch me an' tells dad that I smell like a cat peed on my head!!! nose, beard an' mustache to be exact!!!....she claimed it was so strong it was makin' her nose burn.
Lexie takes that opportunity to jump up in bed between mom an' dad an' lay down.  I think she was tryin' to smooth things over.  Mom gingerly patted me on the head an' tells me to go to, since Lexie took my spot, I layed down on my bed on the floor next to mom...who's still grumblin' about cat pee on my head.
When dad got up to go to work, Lexie an' I went out again..then were back inside the house before he left.  We never leave mom sleepin' alone in the house, our day doesn't officially start till she's up.  The first thing she does is put on her coffee...then comes over an' smells my head...again.  To tell the truth, I was kinda afraid she was gonna give me another bath, but she seemed satisfied that there was only a whiff of "cat" on my' by was all gone.  
I'm not tellin' what happened in the wee hours of the nite....but mom walked the yard w/her coffee an' didnt' find any cat bodies...or any bodies for that matter.   (She said she was happy about that part).   Her best guess is that "somethin'" marked our yard somewhere an' of course I had to "put it to memory" so to speak.....or...maybe I actually caught somethin' an' it "sprayed me" in the face to get any case, she's told me that from now on.....if I don't smell like me & my nose has been somewhere where it shouldn't.....her face is off

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