Monday, February 29, 2016

Official Meet 'n Greet w/ Ginger

Lexie an' I had an official "Meet 'n Greet".....w/Ginger, the new corgi pup next door. An' not just her nose, either (we found out her dad knows all about that broken fence board she took out so she could stick her nose into our yard). Anyway, it was in our front, Lexie, mom, dad, her mom an' dad, an' her two kids...Nickolas an' Abby.

Mom was gonna just take Lexie out there first. For some reason she thought both of us at once might be too overwhelming. Really?!! Take Lexie instead of me? I'm the calm one...the "adult", not a wild card like Lexie. Although, she does tend to be a social butterfly in group settings. Mom's reasoning was all based on the fact that Lexie listens to Ginger's complaints w/out judgement....while I tend to tell her to "shut it", when she's yappin' at the' she does do that a lot. I'm just tryin' to teach's not like I'm mad at her or anythin'. I even try to engage her in fence racin' to get her mind off stuff.

Anyway, I, mom put our new harnesses on us, an' we dragged her out front. Dad got to the porch just in time to keep mom from topplin' over. (Mom still doesn't know how we managed to have her wrapped up like a giant spinnin' top w/our leads in just that first step outa the house....). Newly separated, we made our way to meet an' greet Ginger in the middle of the yard.
Talk about excited, Ginger was a rollin', wrigglin', pullin', out of control, red an' white furry bundle of noise. Her dad could hardly contain her. Lexie got to her first, an' Ginger jumped up in her face. Lexie jumped back an' that just encouraged Ginger to do more jumpin'....her dad thought Ginger wasn't bein' nice...but mom told him that she was just excited an' bein' a puppy...that was not aggression. She just wanted to play....guess he's never seen me an' Lexie in full out play mode. You could tell Lexie liked her an' wanted to play, too...but w/leads on, it's kinda hard.

Then I got there an''d think me towerin' over her would intimidate her a lil'? Nope...she jumped right up on my face...which was a feat in itself since her lil' legs are almost nonexistent. then she was tryin' to jump on my back...up my legs. I could barely get a nose sniff in w/all the jumpin' she was doin'. Her dad was horrified an' pulled her back into his lap. She didnt' like that at all an' was really lettin' him know. Then he was tryin' to hold her mouth shut thinkin' that her barkin' might upset us. Mom told him that we were' that Lexie did lots worse to me when she was a pup. So, he let her go. I guess Ginger figured out that she needed to calm down a lil' for her dad, 'cause then she was crawlin' on her belly to me. An' as soon as she got close...she popped up an' was wrigglin' an' jumpin' on me an' then on Lexie, too.

Mom could tell me an' Lexie really didn't know what the point of all this was...hey, we had our leads on...were out front...that meant we were chompin' on the bit to go for a walk. So, she suggested that what we should all'd be good for all of us to go.
Off we went on our walk.....Ginger in front...back,....side....well, all over the place at the end of her 6' long lead (not too much in front actually). She kept goin' round her dad to walk by Lexie (who was on her best behavior walkin' w/dad). An' then Ginger would try to come back to where I was, to make sure I was still there...I guess. Like I said...she was all over the place. We tried to show her the to sit at the corners an' wait for the cars....what hydrate has all the pee mail an' which ones don't...the normal stuff. But I have to tell you....she's really is all over the place...maybe it's the close proximity to the ground of her nose an' eyes....I dunno, but she has an interestin' way about her is all I can say.

On the last leg of our walk, we came around some cars... There were some people sittin' on a bench in their yard w/their dog. That dog started barkin' a warnin' at Ginger an' Lexie. (They were ahead of me). Then I came around the corner an' let him have it. Lexie an' Ginger had walked past him an' ignored him..he had no reason to be rude. I usually ignore that sort of thing....but Ginger was a lil' pup, not to mention Lexie was up there, too.' like mom told her dad...I now consider Ginger part of my' I don't an' have never liked any dog messin' w/lil' pups or my family. Of course, Lexie had to put in her two cents at that point, but dad kept her walkin'. Mom had ahold of my harness (she loves that handle) as I walked by glarin' at that dog, who along w/his people were sittin' there w/big eyes an' mouths shut. I guess they got the point.

Then we stopped on the way home to say "hi" to one of our neighbor friends that just got outa the hospital. We didn't stay long ( I really wanted to check out her garage for that cat that lives there). Found out that Ginger doesn't like cats, either...which isn't good since she lives w/one.

Ginger's family is first time doggy, they have a lot of questions. Mom laughed when Ginger's dad asked if she was goin' to always have that high pitched yap. She laughed some more when he showed her the four toys she destroyed this week an' about the big hole she dug in the middle of the back yard. Later, mom & dad talked about it an' they think Ginger'd love to come in our yard an' play. She run her lil' legs off an' we'd have great fun.....but her dad would probably be horrified if he ever watched us play bitey face. If she keeps workin' on her fence...we may find out sooner then later, lol.

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