Thursday, July 7, 2016

AHS File 7/7/14

AHS File 7/7/14 approx 0200 hrs.......After puttin' mom an' dad to bed an' makin' sure they were secure an' asleep in their bed, I went up to my command post in my tower (like I do every nite, unless mom's roamin' the house or not sleepin'...then I stay down w/her). Anyway, I was up there keepin' watch on the comin's an' goin's of the neighborhood. Bein' summer an' the teenagers on the prowl, not to mention that one stray cat (I can't stand him...he's just out an' about to drive me crazy)...there's been more action at nite, more so then usual. Last nite was no exception.

Was thinkin' it was just "that darn cat" again, their excuse for not takin' me seriously? Yessss!

I saw a prowler, roamin' the neighborhood...goin' house to house....I even sounded out a warnin'.....did anyone get up (mom or dad) to see what was goin' on? Noooooo! Are they sorry now? Yessss! Was it just that "cat"? Nooooo!

Maybe they'll be takin' me more seriously now..... that prowler that was goin' house to house checkin' for unlocked vehicles.  Lucky for them he took off after breakin' into the truck across the street an' takin' all the stuff outa it. At least the criminal took me seriously, an' decided he better get while the gettin' was good when he heard me roarin' from my command tower. Doubt if he'll be comin' back any time soon...especially on my side of the street or my driveway.

Case Closed....CEO of AHS...Bailey

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