Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Where's CSI when you Need 'Em?

Well, it's mom's birthday, an' we all decided to let her sleep in.  Dad got up about 6 an' closed the door to the bedroom, but I wasn't havin' it.....I made him open it so I could get up in bed w/mom.  (That's our time...mornin' snoozin').  He spent the mornin' puttin' her dishwasher back together.
After she got up, she grabbed a cup of coffee amongst all the stuff in the kitchen.  It looks like it blew up...she still can't believe all that stuff was under the sink..but grabbed her coffee an' a donut an' decided to pretend it wasn't there.

Dad finally got it pretty much all back together.  The dishwasher works...but now leaks.  Mom's pretendin' that's not happenin', either.  She's decided that it's her birthday an' she's choosin' not to even think about upsettin' stuff....just pretend it isn't there.  Kinda like when she took a bite outa that donut when sittin' by the c'mputer an' a big pile of powdery sugar fell out all over her black pants an' the floor.  Lexie an' i were right there to do clean, mom's all good about it.  It's like it didn't happen. came an' asked her if she had cut herself?  "What?"  "Why?"..."Where?", were her response, as she got up an' went into the kitchen......where there was an' obvious crime scene.
Guess she hadn't been fully caffeinated when she got her coffee, 'cause she didn't even notice the blood splatter all over the floor, cabinet (well it did kinda blend in)..or the cream door to the pantry a lil' over two foot high (that she can't believe she didn't notice).

Dad cleaned it up, but mom found some he missed an' called me an' Lexie over to explain.  We knew right away what she was talkin' about an' gave it a good sniff.  Then she found a lil' piece of cabinet baseboard by our food dishes, that matched the missin' spot by the stove.  She then gave us a complete physical check to eliminate us as the cause of the bloodsplatter.  (I can just see her googlin' for a dna test kit.....she claims w/us she needs one)

We let her know we needed to recheck her pantry an' she opened the door.  It seemed all good to us an' we decided to end the meetin'...leavin' mom w/a small blood splatter to clean up, a piece of cabinet floor' a fear of findin' a corpse somewhere.

We know mom loves readin' those mystery, Happy Birthday moml   Love ya!  <3

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