Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bed Games

Dad worked over last nite...which is ok...but he didn't clear it w/us. Lexie an' I went to the door all excited about three times around his normal time, only to find out he wasn't here, yet. When he finally came home, we met him...but we met him w/a bunch of complaints...loud complaints. Lexie an' I were yellin' at him, at each' just generally complainin'. He finally got the message, changed clothes an' gave us each one of his lil' mints he carries in his pocket (I admit, I'm kinda addicted to those lil' Altos mints).
That settled us down for a bit. But I hadn't forgotten about him changin' his routine w/out notice.
Mom was tired an' went to bed, dad was still up catchin' up on his c'mputer stuff. I decided that just maybe since he changed his comin' home time...that maybe he changed his goin' to bed time. So, I got up in bed w/mom...on dad's' on his pillow. Mom an' I were snoozin, when dad decided he wanted to go to bed. Well...."sorry....I claimed thist spot....the couch is available"...was my response, an' I laid my head back down an' closed my eyes.
Then dad tried to roll me over...he was pushin' me! I wasn't movin'...nope, nada, not gonna happen...I was there first. He was pushin' harder...I had enough an' told him! We had a kinda loud wrestlin' match goin'....then he pushed me hard enough for him to kinda scoot in bed. I got up....and stole his covers an' went to the foot of the bed. "Take that!", I thought...see how he likes sleepin' w/out the covers. He wrestled me for the covers ( I finally let him have 'em) , an' I stretched out at the foot of the bed w/my head on mom's feet. She was all stretched out an' comfy. I was all stretched out an' was on his side of the bed kinda' scrunched up...but, hey...he was in bed, don't know what he was grumblin' about. I sleep curled up lots of' he didn't even have anythin' hangin' off the bed.
Maybe he'll stick to his routine from now on, is all I've got to say..

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