Monday, July 18, 2016

The Siege

<shakin' my head>....I just don't understand why mom insists on givin' me a lil' grief, when I'm just tryin' to rest up a lil'. After all, that seige, AHS has been goin' on lasted for two days. Lexie an' I are takin' some well deserved nappin' time.
Plus, she still refuses to acknowledge that criminal elements do not respect boundaries, much less keep normal workin' hours. It is not our fault trespassers are breachin' our yard at all hours. But it is our duty to get rid of 'em. She doesn't acknowledge the fact we've kept them from invadin' the house...well, mostly...
The first alarm that somethin' was amiss was about 2:30am, yesterday mornin'. Here's the AHS log--
2:30 am, Sat----Lexie sounds the alarm an' calls me. We hear somethin' on the' call' again....I finally go an' make sure she's awake & after pawin' her..she gets up an' lets us out....(for some reason, she's not grumblin' nice things)
2:45 am, Sat----Mom's at the backdoor orderin' us to desist & stop our efforts to get whatever has retreated under our deck before we wake up the entire city. After a minute or two & determinin' that she seems a tad upset & is usin' "that voice", an' she's outside in her jammies, no lite, an' barefooted....Lexie an' I abandon our quest.
6:00 am, Sat----Dad lets us out....finally......yep...that critter is still under the deck. Lexie an' I redouble our efforts at gettin' him to come out. It's a lil' frustratin'....both of us have tried pullin' up them big boards to no avail.
6:10 am, Sat---Mom's at the back' she's not happy....again', she orders us inside..after as much resistance as we felt we could get away w/.....we came inside. She locked everythin' , an' we all went back to bed.
8 am, Sat.....Mom finally got up, let us' we immediately went to work on them boards...sniffin' between 'em, under the deck sniffin'.....tryin' to dig thru 'em.....nada....nothin' was workin'. Mom decided to "help"...she was waterin', she sprayed under the deck an' thru the top to try to flush that critter out. All she accomplished was makin' it go from one side of the deck to the other...all underneath. In didn't help.

After awhile of all this....Lexie an' I decided to go inside when dad came home for' then it rained. Mom locked us inside.

5 pm, Sat......Lexie an' I were back at it. I thought we were makin' some progress.....Lexie started on openin' a access to the side of the deck to crawl under, I was still workin' on the boards......managed to get some deep scores, but had to quit when I hurt a toe an' have a limp. Mom made us come in...due to my on the job injury.

10:30 pm, Sat....The critter is still under the deck. Lexie an' I both verified it....we still haven't been able to evict it. We weren't out there very long before mom was makin' us stop. She said she was tired of hearin' about it....well, duh...if she only understood our frustration...

4:30am, Sun......Good thing dad had to get up early....Lexie an' I were waitin' by the backdoor to resume our efforts to get rid of that critter once an' for all. We were determined....doubled our efforts at yellin' at it an' workin' on some kind of access to under that deck.

4:30 am, Sun----Mom's yellin' at us to get in the house...she didn't even try to be polite or quiet about it, either. We were forced to stop. an' on all day long, we worked on that deck. Mom tried the water hose again....heck, at one point, she got a hammer an' banged on the boards. That helped some....that critter kept runnin' from one end to the other...but he was still under the deck 'cause everytime he tried to escape...either me or Lexie was there. It was a good effort, but no pay off.

10:30 pm, Sun.....It was our last call for the nite (accordin' to mom)....Lexie an' I were back on the job. I was so frustrated!' let everyone know it. After a bit, mom called us in....I wasn't givin' up....Lexie went inside, convinced it has escaped. She even watched me from inside...but I wasn't so sure an' just had to keep investigatin'.

5 am, let us out, an' we ran immediately to the deck. Did a thorough search, from one end to the other...includin' all sides an' around the was gone. Lexie was right...I had' I verified it. We went back inside w/out anyone havin' to tell us.......the siege was officially over.

I'm officially loggin' this in as a "WIN" for AHS....we may not have apprehended the trespasser, but we made it hot enough that he realized that stayin' in our territory was not a viable option.

I think mom's gonna have to give me a lil' personal time to nap for all the stress I've been thru an' stop tryin' to wake me up. If she's tired...maybe she needs to nap, too. After all, our goal is to take care of her security so she can sleep w/out any, I don't understand all her grumblin'....

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