Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shots Fired

I just couldn't believe it! Dad was workin' late, Lexie an' were left in charge of mom. It was a quiet evenin' ...until...about 9:15pm...

Lexie an' I both jumped up an' ran to the front of the house after first checkin' mom was ok.....Mom jumped up 'cause she heard it,' folllowed us to the kitchen. The lites were off in there, so she looked thru the blinds on top...I looked thru the blinds on the bottom.....Lexie stood guard behind us.

It was all still an quiet...then we saw a lite across the street in the neighbor's driveway. As we watched, we saw it was the neighbor an' she was headed out to the street & was talkin' to our next door neighbor.

Mom double checked lookin' up an' down the street, an' even checked the backdoor. Then of all things...she went out side in the front. I sure didn't like that....I couldn't keep an eye on here from the kitchen, so I went up to my tower. Don't know why she thinks just 'cause other peoples are outside that it's ok....anyway, I didn't make any noise, wantin' to keep the element of surprise if needed. I could see her talkin' to the neighbors, then even watched other neighbors come outa their houses on both ends of the street to where she was. Pretty soon, there was a lil' group of people all talkin' about the "pops".
Some of the people thought they were firecrackers....but we hear those things off an' on all the time. An' noone comes out in the street 'cause they hear 'em. Mom was pretty sure it was a .22....especially since she's heard one bein' shot over an' over not too long ago at the gun range.

Bein' the middle of all these people....she finally kinda stopped the discussion an asked it anyone bothered to call the PD..."no" was the, she told our nextdoor neighbor who had his phone in his hand to call. (She's really big on makin' official reports...."just in case", she says...."so there's a record", she says). The Police sent a car around an' said they say a group of teens an' talked to 'em an' told 'em to go home. The teens said they were firecrackers...but we all know least now, they're on notice...that they will not be unnoticed if it happens again.

Everyone went back to their houses....neighbors that didn't know each other got to meet on common ground...the concern for our neighborhood an' families. Mom came inside, an' me an' Lexie were there to meet her an' make sure she was totally unscathed. She said we did a stellar job, by bein' on alert an' keepin' more important...not givin' out any warnin's....'cause she agrees that we don't always need to announce the fact we're on watch.

All' ended good....Lexie an' I got big cookies for a job well got a matchin' endin' to her day...although, she muttered somethin' about next year "how about not startin' her day w/a crime scene kitchen an' not endin' it w/gunshots". I'm not promisin'...but I'm pretty sure somethin' will always does.

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