Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vet check & Frizbees

Hmmm.....why is dad talkin' to the neighbor...we're loaded & ready to go!!! 
 Had another visit w/my new doctor. She's really cute & nice..and gets down on the floor w/me & gives me hugs. Of course, I've got to give her kisses for that. She was just checkin' my ears, & declared them A-OK! I do have a question, though....if I'm in there for an ear check, why the poke in the "you know where"?  We were the first ones there, this morning & all the staff had to come out & talk to us. We scored cookies from everybody!  We were both so good in the exam room (of course), my doctor gave us each a lil' frizbee!

"HEY!!   LEXIE!!   What are you doin'.?  That is not  what you're supposed to do w/that!"  

"I'm customizin' it, Bailey...after I'm thru...I'll work on your's...ok?"


  1. Wow - we get cookies from our vet and you guys get frizbees! We're changing vets!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly