Friday, June 22, 2012

The Executive Washroom

Mom told dad, last nite, that he's finally gettin' a taste of her world. Lexie and I had been in & out quiet a bit, last nite. Dad didn't get home till midnite last nite, from work, so we were doin' a lot of patrollin'. About 1 am, he called us in...well, he called Lexie in, I was already done w/my patrollin'. I went to the door w/dad, while he called her, 'cause I was curious as to what she was up to. She comes runnin' in, all excited, to mom. Dad goes to the kitchen to give us our lil' piece of jerky before bed. I'm right there...but Lexie's not. He looked surprised, that she was gone. Mom wasn't, she was laughin'. She told dad, that as soon as he turned around, Lexie zipped right back out. That was her, "mom, mom, ....there's somethin' excitin' out there"...act.  Dad tried callin' her inside, again, but there was no Lexie.  So, he said he was going to bed. Mom grabs the flashlite, & I show her which was to go. Sure 'nuff, there's Lexie...layin' down in the grass watchin' a humongous stiff opposum.  Lexie jumps up, waggin' her tail a mile a minute & gives off a few, "look's huge....isn't it exciting"..barks. After a few seconds of taking this in, w/me standin' beside turns around & goes inside. She finds dad about to get into bed. Mom tells him that his lil' Lexie is watching a 'possum. Dad grins & says, "that's my girl".  Then mom tells him, "yep, your "girl" alright...and she's watching it, but it' isn't going to be moving anytime soon...unless she decides you need to check it out...really in bed".  He got the point, got dressed again & went outside. Mom & I watched the action from the deck. Dad found Lexie, still guardin' that 'possum, but when he reached for her, she thought he was reachin' for the 'possum. So, she picked it up & started walkin' off w/it. She didn't walk far, because it was so big, she had her head up as high as she could get it, & it was still draggin' on the ground. Dad grabbed her collar & told her how good she was. She dropped it, & went w/dad to where me & mom was. Mom gave her a piece of jerky, & the three of us went inside.  Dad took care of that 'possum, while we were in the house. Lexie was still so excited, so she & I played & reenacted the whole thing. Needless to say, we were not in the least ready to go to bed. I had dispatched that "possum, hours ago. I never meant for Lexie to guard it, but I guess w/her promotion to COO of AHS, she's just a bit overzealous right now. After I got my nitely drink outa mom's sink, Lexie jumped up on her tippy toes & got a drink, too! She had to really stretch her tongue to do it, but she got some laps in & strutted outa there after me. She thinks it's like finally havin' the keys to the executive washroom....well, I guess it is.  

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