Monday, June 4, 2012


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was so exciting!!  A lot of my friends in Britain had celebrations & parties. There were flags & royal decorations, everywhere! Proper attire was required! (Did you know that the photographers were required to wear top hats & tails?). The Whole world was caught up in the celebration, & the flotilla was televised!

Down here in Texas, we got caught up in the excitement, too! 

 Like I said, proper attire was mandatory. I've got my formal wear, w/cravat & top hat. Lexie's wearing her pearls & facinator.

 Ok...we're ready for the parade!!!  It's gonna be so spectacular....1000 boats (including the Queen's barge), 7 miles long, going up 25 miles of the Thames river...with music, bells...& rain (but that didn't dampen anyone's spirits).

 Look at that...they Queen waved!  And did you see her barge stop & do a 360, right in the middle of the Thames?....and the flyby?

 Lexie kept asking when the corgies were gonna come out....I dunno, but I finally told her they were probably home on a royal pillow w/bonios & watchin' their mum on the telly.

Lexie had a great time & really enjoyed it. Of course it involved water, so that made it even more exciting for her!

Hmmmm......wonder if they have any openings at Scotland Yard?


  1. You and Lexie look stunning, Bailey! We're sure you had the best time ever!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. I don't know how you got Bailey & Lexie to keep those outfits on!!! Absolutely marvelous dress to watch the Diamond Jubilee, good job!

    Lucy (Troy, Ohio Silent MOD)

  3. We like to dress up....of course, like any pro model, we expect to get paid.