Monday, June 4, 2012

DON'T LAUGH...(well maybe you can a little)

 Ok, ok....maybe you can laugh, al little. It's not my fault my mom has a perverted sense of humor.  I got stung by something, & no matter what kind of medicine mom put on it...I just couldn't keep from licking it..which made it hurt & itch...which made me lick it... it's a vicious cycle..but one of those cycles , I just can't seem to stop & get off of.  Soooo, she got some different medicine & put these pants on me. Actually, the new medicine makes it feel better. I tried lickin' thru the pants at first...but that didn't work so well. One question, though....why did she pick out pants w/Garfield the CAT on 'em? I said, "perverted" as in "twisted". 


Mom.....if I have to wear these...I expect a bribe!...a good one!  Oh, & Lexie says she wants one, too, or she's gonna pull 'em off me.  (She's already tried once, & we were goin' round & round in a circle.)

It's a good thing, I'm totally confident in my masculinity & my place in the dog world. Not everybody could pull this off!

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