Saturday, June 2, 2012

AHS--Garden Report.

AHS report...morning inspection showing absolutely zero damage in mom's garden! Well, except the squash has a bug problem, but that's not in our area of expertise..sorry. We've been pullin' all niters, which works out perfectly for me. (I do like naps in the AC during the day when it's over 90 degrees). All of dad's traps are empty, Mr owl & the whirly thingabobs are doin' their jobs this morning (they only work on dumb birds, mom). Mom, I know you think your latest plan is what worked. You managed to make the garden look like it's covered w/lil' snowballs, & it kinda smells. We liked the peppermint smell better, but you went & added a bunch more coated w/ methol rub. Famous people say it's the result that matters, not the method....well, we're claiming full credit for this, & as per contract expect extra chicken wings for allllllll those hours of hard work while you were snoozin' all snuggly in your bed the last couple of nites. 

P.S.....disregard Lexie tryin' to get extra credit, by claimin' she caught a rat in your garden.....                               that's her rattie, don't be fooled. :)

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