Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day Break

"Daybreak" & "Dark-thirty" are very special times. It's like when everything gets really still, you can almost hear the trees & leaves sigh. The birds are quiet & it's like everything is holding it breath. This is when the hunters are out, & the furry animals are sneakin' around. This morning, mom told us to go check her was that "time". Daylite had just gotten a good start. Lexie cut across the deck to the garden, I ran around to the side. She flushed a big squirrel. He ran up the grape arbor, & I had a bead on him. Lexie was hot on his tail, & she circled around to be between the arbor & the fig tree. But then...he panicked & made a flying leap to the crepe myrtles b'tween the arbor & the house. We regrouped & put those trees b'tween us. Lexie started givin' him some smack talk. He ran up as high as he could get...higher than the house. He laid down on that branch, prepared for a long seige. Personally, I just hate that. Those squirrels can stay like that alllll day long & there's nothin' we can do about it. Sooooooo frustrating!  We discussed this, & Lexie went inside to tell mom we had a situation, while I kept an eye on the squirrel. Mom was drinkin' coffee w/dad, & Lexie gave he a big excited nosepoke & a "come on" look & then ran back didn't follow.  So, I left Lexie keepin' an eye on that squirrel, while I went inside to get mom. I went over to her & gave her a paw swipe & a nose poke....then a "lil' woof to tell her we needed her. She got up & asked me what I wanted..I went to the back door.  Finally, she got the message. (she's not a morning person, & until she gets some coffee in her, she's a lil' slow). Lexie told her that we got a squirrel up that tree. Mom looked where we were watchin', & she spied it, too. It was way to high for her to get it or even poke it. Know what she did? She got the water hose & sprayed it!  That squirrel came jumpin' off that limb, almost straight at mom. Mom kept sprayin' it, as it jumped over her head to the tree by the house, & then escaped over the roof. Mom put the hose down & looked at us...we were both standing in front of her, with a "that's not exactly the outcome we wanted" expression on our faces. She felt a little guilty...but then she asked us if we had checked the pecan trees...maybe there's another squirrel there. We took off like a flash...and guess what?  There was another squirrel!  I gave mom a glance to let her know, that we've got this. She went back into the house to finish her coffee, & we got down to business w/out any help. 

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