Tuesday, April 14, 2015

AHS Office Closed for Repairs.....

We've got a big storm comin' an' mom's not gonna be workin' outside all day, but the best part is...that means I'm gonna be able to spend the whole day up in my tower on my comfy queen size bed, three large bay windows to be able to see one end of my neighborhood to the other end.... in peace an' quiet.  Now, if I could only get room service...

Spoke too soon.....locked outa my tower.  Was all excited about goin' up there, too. It's a dark an' rainy day...but mom discovered why I didn't want to come downstairs yesterday mornin'.  I didn't get up w/dad to go out, didn't go up an' give mom her good mornin' wake up cuddle an' kiss....in fact, she finally came upstairs to find me just layin' on that big bed about 10:30am an' told me to get downstairs.  Then she locked me out, informin' me we were spendin' the day outside.
Just now, she opened it up for me.  She was plannin' on washin' all the beddin' an' climbed up there to take off the sheets.  That's when she found out why I was reluctant to come downstairs.  It coulda' been 'cause I was tryin' to figure out what to do about that lil' window pane I busted...or that when I did it, I cut my paw a lil'.  I sure didn't expect either thing to happen, but I sure didn't want mom to find out, either.
It was that cat's fault!!  He lays right under that window every single nite...just to terrorize me.  To be fair...I didn't even break the screen, so there's no m'skitters comin' in...an' more important, I didn't jump outa that second story  (although, that was a lil' bity pane an' I wouldn't have fit anyways).  
Needless to say, dad's not happy........an' mom said that boardin' up them windows wouldn't be a good look.  I, agree, besides how could I keep watch if they were boarded up?

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