Thursday, April 16, 2015

Deputy Dad

Mom's gettin' lazy....after dinner, Lexie an' I treed (well "fenced" may the be more correct term since he was up on top of ours) another possum.  Mom was comfy on the couch w/her feet up watchin' tv when she heard us.  She says she can actually tell what we're after by the sounds.  Maybe she can...have to admit, she's had a lot of practice backin' us up.  Anyway, she sent out deputy dad (her words), sayin' since it was his day off,  he needed to put in more trainin' hours w/our security detail.  It's ok w/me....I don't mind trainin' him.  The more the merrier, I always say.  He's learned to grab mom's big lite, so I think he'll work out.  He found us about midway on the back fence.  I was jumpin' as high as I could, an' Lexie was keepin' up a stream of trash talk.  Dad shined that lite, an' he saw the possum hangin' on the top of the fence hissin' at us.  He was tryin' to get those lil' orange fruits on one of mom's loquat trees, when we caught him tresspassin'.   Now, he was just outa reach, an' he must be an' experienced one, 'cause he didn't even have his tail hangin' down.  I've managed to drag one off the fence by that method before.  Anyway, dad took a page outa mom's book an' grabbed one of her big sticks an' pushed him right off that fence to the other side.  That's ok.....that means he'll be back (they aren't very smart), an' maybe next time he'll make the mistake of not makin' it to the top of the fence.  All in all, it was a success.  Dad's learnin', he keeps lettin' 'em escape..but he's still new at it.   Just wait till mom's t'maters start disappearin'' she goes on the warpath.  He'll change his tune.  After all, if mom's not happy...nobody's happy.

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