Friday, April 17, 2015

In the the Rain

I'm even amazed...don't know how she did it, but she the the the water.  We've been under a massive storm an' flood watch all evenin'.  We had wind, super heavy rains, booms and' on top of all that, the power kept goin' out.  The street was flooded an' it was even over the sidewalk in front.  The back looks like a swamp.  The rains stopped to a lil' sprinklin' a lil' while' me an' Lexie had to "go".  So, mom let us out w/the "come right back" instruction.  She didn't have to tell me twice...I did what I had to do an' "came right back" an' insisted on bein' toweled off.  Lexie was a 'no show".  So, mom had to go call' call her....finally, Lexie comes trottin'  up, then kinda slows down when she see's mom standin' at the door.  Mom recognizes that special slow walk of Lexies an' just waits.  I'm waitin', see how mom's gonna handle this one, lol.
Lexie comes right up to mom with muddy paws (backyard is a swamp, remember) and bird feet hangin' outa one side of her mouth an' a wing an' head outa the other. She wants to bring it in the house.  Mom's sayin', "no way".  Mom's standin' there, Lexie's sittin' in front of her w/that bird in her mouth..both at a stalemate. Then mom tells dad to get a chew, hopin' to make a trade.  Dad brings one of them pupperoni stix, an' sure 'nuff Lexie goes to grab it droppin' her bird.  Between her chompin' down on that stix, droppin' the bird, mom grabbin' her wasn't but a blink before Lexie found herself in the house w/the backdoor closed with out her bird.  
Then mom realized that there was now a bird layin' right on the other side of that closed door.   Dad looked at her an' said he was barefooted an' wasn't goin' out there.  Mom didn't want it by the backdoor. with most things like this..she's out traipsin' in the dark, in the water, in the rain disposin' of somethin' an' still wonderin' how in the world Lexie found it in the first place.
Earlier, mom was readin' up on Barn Hunts.  She's decided that we might have fun doin'' just maybe be pretty good at it.  An enclosed area, dry, daylite an' w/a rat...piece of cake, lol.  

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