Friday, April 17, 2015

Mom's not a barber

I'm hidin' out, but I've gotta laugh at dad.  He said he needed a haircut an' wanted mom to trim his hair.  He even got out his special set of clippers (they're just like ours only his has colored plastic thingees to keep mom from shavin' him bald).  He showed her the page w/instructions an' said for her to "try" to follow them an' not do it like she does us.  "OK....", she said...she put on the plasticy thing an' followed the picture.   After two lil'' a "OOPS"'  (sorry...but it is an organic word)  "CRAP!" turned off them clippers, took off that plasticy thing an' put it all down.  Then told dad that she hoped the barber could fix it.....   On the back of his head there was a ...well for lack of a better description, a chunk cut out.  So, off he went to the barber....when he came back, mom examined their handywork.  They fixed it, alright.  She said all he needs is some tattoos on his head an' he'd look just like that actor  that plays King Ragar on that Vikings show.   Dad wasn't amused.   :)

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