Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This time change, AHS and mom are havin' a bit of difficulty.  It's gonna be an adjustment...by mom.   Me an' Lexie are gonna carry on as usual.  After all, the varmits don't carry watches or have clocks, either. Like this mornin', right before mom's first cup of coffee, we had a situation.  We tried to solve it ourselves, but we were at an impasse.  After tryin' everythin' we could think of...I went to get mom.  Found her in the kitchen impatiently waitin' for her coffee to brew...she gave me that "what?..you're just gonna have to wait" look...I wasn't havin' it...this was a code red. I gave her a "follow me... now!" bark, one look to make sure she "got it" and took off to the backdoor.  I coulda' gone thru Lexie's door, but then I'd be takin' a chance on mom not followin' me.  This way, she had to come open the door for me (I was bein' a lil' demandin' and not takin' "no" for an answer)....an' by then resigned probably, she would follow me.  She did....I raced to the side of the house where Lexie was still workin' on our problem.

There was a rat under dad's pallet of stuff.  We tried every which way we could, but he wasn't budgin'.  I was sure mom would come up with some kind of solution....an' she did, but as per usual, not the solution I wanted.  I thought she'd pick all that stuff up an' we'd be ready an' grab it (especially since we had it surrounded). But nooooo....she goes off an' comes back w/the hose w/that thing that jets the water out.  Then she proceeds to spray it under that pallet...it worked..that rat took off like his tail was on fire...we were just a nano second behind him as he raced around the house headin' towards the deck by the back door.  We searched an' searched to no avail....in an' outa them gardens, under the deck, even up the pipe by the air conditioner...that's where we think he went....up that pipe an' across the roof...'cause we looked everywhere else an' couldn't find him.  Lexie did most of the grunt work an' it showed..to mom's dismay...but not to worry, Lexie decided to take a quick dip in her pond to rinse off..before goin' in the house.  I'm not sure mom was any happier w/that, though.  It helped that Lexie gave mom time to get that cup of cool coffee before testin' her by jumpin' up on the couch.

All in all, I'm chalkin' this one up as a successful mission....mom's still thinkin' about it...lol.

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