Thursday, September 15, 2016

Burgers an'......

It really was a good day around here. Mom got stuck in a parkin' lot w/a dead car. It was really hot, so we didn't get to go w/her. Good thing, too!...She called the AAA people an' dad. It's the first time she's ever had to call them an' thought it was kinda cool that when she started to tell them where she was, they already knew an' gave her the address. They tracked her phone w/GPS.
While she waited, she had the car door open to let in a lil' breeze....even w/the door open, she was in her lil' parkin' spot...but a bunch of ladies drove by givin' her bad looks as if she was keepin' 'em from parkin' in the spot next to her. One even waited a bit for her to close her that time mom was in a "mood"..a "hot mood"' just glared back. She wasn't preventin' anyone from parkin' next to her..well, except for the incompetent drivers.

Anyway, dad got off early an' came to rescue her w/the hummer full of AC. He said she could take it home an' he'd wait for the service guy. She did, but since we only live a few minutes away, she went home an' got him a big cold icy drink an' drove it back to him....'cause she knew he has gonna be hot an' thirsty in no time. As she drove off, she saw the service guy find him.

After a lil' bit, dad came home w/the car all runnin' smooth...w/a new battery. Then mom said that since we all missed lunch, we needed to go for a ride. Well, she didn't have to tell me an' Lexie twice. We didn't even do the circus routine.....there was a lil' pullin' to the car, though..but we were a bit excited. Dad drove the long way to make the ride last. Then he got a big bag of burgers an' fries. Lexie an' I were salavatin' on that just can't imagine how good those things smell in a car.

Both of us wanted to carry that bag in the house, but for some reason, mom said she didn't trust us. An' if they thought we were pullin' when we shoulda' seen us drag dad in the' to the kitchen to be specific. We were positive that bag of burgers was for us.

Mom finally made it to the kitchen an' started unloadin' that bag...she got out,' then two lil' ones....then laid out burgers on each one........Lexie an' I planted ourselves down in front of those two lil' ones. (mom uses those for us all the time)....( have no idea how hard it is to sit still an' not wriggle when there's burgers...right there...).Then she cute 'em up (I blame this on Lexie who'd can stuff a whole burger in her mouth an' swallow it).....finally, she put those plates down for us.
The problem w/the car was annoyin'.to mom at the time..but it worked out w/out much's done an' over with.. It was just a "thing". Personally, I've got to tell you...there's nothin'...nothin' that makes a day better then a burger...a whole burger (even if it's cut up). It just tastes so good an' that makes us' know what....seein' how much we enjoyed said it made her an' dad' made the whole day better. An' reminded her that it's the small things that are really the big things.......the rest....pfffttt

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