Wednesday, September 28, 2016

No need for excessive Force

Goin' back thru our AHS reports...this was one really for the books. But it demonstrates why us 'dales really are smarter then he average <clearin' my throat> dog.

7:30am-the doorbell? WTHeck? Mom was still in had left for work an' Lexie an' I were doin' our "snoozin' w/mom routine". Lexie an' I immediately jumped into action an' sounded off alarms while runnin' to the door.

By the time mom got kinda dressed an' made it to the front door... there, no one was there.
Then we heard 'em in the back. "lectric workers. Lexie & I took off out her lil' door before mom could even make it thru the livin' room. We wouldn't let them anywhere near the backdoor or patio. I was roarin'....Lexie was standin' her ground w/me an' givin' off warnin's that'd made big men quake in their boots.

Finally, Lexie knowin' I had this....went to check on mom, who was still in the house w/the big door shut. , I stayed on the guy till he went back over the fence just like he came, but a lil' faster.

Mom was so proud of us, we didn't bite anyone, but he was a believer & didn't get very far in our yard!! We did our job...protected mom an' the house. He was just a guy doin' his job...but he did not have clearance for goin' in our' he sure wasn't gonna get near the back door. If he had been puttin' off bad vibes....the story may have had a different endin'. But it just goes to show you that you don't always need excessive force just firm an' clear warnin's an' the willingness to follow thru if they don't listen or believe.

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