Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Trauma of it All.......

I can't even believe what happened this mornin'.
On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 15 or 20.   I haven't quite decided how I'm going to deal with it, but I do know it'll never happen again.
It's a good thing I'm a secure confident type, or the trauma would have been too much to overcome.

As you know, dad goes to work super early....mom stays in bed.  He lets us out as he's gettin' ready an' then calls us in right before he leaves for work....this is about 3:30 am.

Usually, we're ready an' come right back inside an' then go camp out w/mom.  Not this mornin'....we caught somethin' in our backyard.  Dad finally got Lexie come inside, but not me.   I had somethin' cornered behind mom's greenhouse.  Dad had to leave...an' he was a lil' exasperated w/me...but hey...I had a job to do, too!  So, he left me out there an' went to work.   Right before he got to work...the skies opened up w/a gully washer.

Dad started panicin'....an' callin' mom...in fact..he called about 10 times....he realized that he had let us out w/the big door an' never opened Lexie's lil' door.....an' it was pourin' ...hard...a real frog straggler....an' I was locked out.   Mom never heard the phone....since he goes to bed so early, the ringer was turned off on the phone in the bedroom.

I hollered....Lexie tried addin' her voice...mom heard us...but thought we wanted outside since all the noise was comin' from the backdoor.  She told us to quiet down.   After awhile....of constant hollerin' from me...an' intermittent demands from Lexie...mom got up..

As soon as mom rounded the corner an' saw Lexie...only Lexie at the backdoor...an' Lexie began to try to explain to mom what was goin' on...mom ran to the backdoor to let me in.....at that moment she didn't know it was rainin'.

I barrelled inside....never been so glad to see mom...ever!   I rubbed against her, went between her legs...just couldn't get close enough I was so relieved.   At that moment...she realized it had been rainin'...since she was soaked.  Even Lexie was rubbin' against me an' mom...an' she was wet now, too.  

Mom turned on all the lites...grabbed towels...an' kept huggin' me an' pettin' me...w/ tears in her eyes....she was so upset for me....I had been at the backdoor in the rain for about 30 minutes w/water just pourin' down on me. In soaked jammies, she dried me off...checked me all over....gave me an' Lexie some bacon treats..then she changed clothes an' we all piled in her bed.

Later this mornin', when mom got her coffee....she went outside.....Lexie grabbed one of her stuffies an' followed......me?...I declined to go outside.  Mom was a lil' sad...but said it was ok.   After a bit of thinkin' about it, I couldn't resist goin' out there w/mom an' Lexie...the sun's shinin'....there's standin' water everywhere, which I avoid anyway.....an' it looks to be a nice day.

Mom turned on the ringer on the phone in her bedroom, dad even agreed..he said he can just ignore it if it rings when he's tryin' to sleep.  She, also, said that she'll never ignore us no matter how annoyin' we might sound when we're makin' a racket at the doors....she'll go see an' tell us to quiet down in person, lol.   Dad says he'll always leave Lexie's door open if he has to leave one of us out.....so, it's all good.....an' in the meantime...I'm gonna milk this for dayssssss.....while the folks are still in a vulnerable state.

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