Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Up on the Roof top......

AHS Report---Last nite, I had to interrupt mom  (she was on the c'mpute). I needed help. Me & Lexie caught a tresspasser, & although we had him trapped....he was outa reach.

I left Lexie in charge of keepin' an eye on him,  & I went inside to get mom. She's our "go to person" for nite jobs. She sensed the emergency & grabbed her trusty flashlite & followed me outback. It wasn't far (& just so you know..she was still dressed for a change).  It was right outside the back door. I showed her the tree we were tryin' to climb, & she checked it out.
..but didn't see anything. So, I had to show her to look past that tree  (sometimes I just have to be patient an' lead her). Me & Lexie backed off & was lookin' at the roof. She got the message & shined that lite up there...& lo & behold she saw it. It was the biggest ol' possum ever! It was sittin' up on the roof w/only one beady red shiny eye, just starin' down at us like a challenge. Then he disappeared over the top of the roof. So, we all ran in the house. I went to my front window & mom went out front. Sure 'nuff, there he was. Then he went to the back...mom came back inside & we all went to the back...
He saw us..an' ran back to the front.  Then mom went back out front...Lexie stayed in the back...I waited for mom in the house. After the third round of this...me & Lexie decided to take a snack break & watch mom  (it was kinda funny..her goin' back n' forth). She finally gave up, too, & decided that that possum could just spend the nite up there. Since it's after midnite, mom decided that we don't need to be out huntin' anymore tonite  (I didn't bother tellin' her that we had given up before she did).

Anyway,  I'm keepin' watch out the front window, just in case ..an' Lexie's sleepin' by the backdoor...so, we've got it covered.  

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