Friday, September 16, 2016

The Meetin'......

When dad came home for lunch...he called a meetin' w/' me.   

 I kinda knew what it was about...but, I wasn't really concerned about it....  I let him have his say....well, his complaint.

He told mom about how his mornin's go before he goes to work.   That me an' Lexie keep him company as he gets his coffee...checks his messages on the computer.....I usually lay on the couch where I can keep track of what he's up to.  Lexie lays around by the back door or the kitchen hopin' he's gonna share somethin' w/her.   That's all fine an' dandy, accordin' to him.   BUT....if he even looks like he's goin' back in the bedroom...I immediately race him (an' I always win) to the bedroom an' jump up in the bed by mom...on his pillow.   An' he's not allowed

So?......was my reply.    That's my one disturbs mom.   It's not like this is new info.....she would never have recuperated if I hadn't put that rule in place when she broke her back.  I stayed watch over her for' like I said....NO ONE disturbs mom.   I'm not changin' that rule for nothin'.    

Mom's reaction was....well, she just started laughin' at' then told us to work it out.

I told dad I still loved' he said he loved me....we agreed to disagree...'cause I'm not changin'' he's just gonna have to be faster...especially on his days off......

Mom had a lil' glint in her' I thought I heard her mutterin' somethin' about me bein' her hero....'cause she really don't like to get woken up, when she's allowed to sleep....somethin' about me an' Lexie have changed her sleep pattern for all time...have no idea what she's talkin' about.


  1. You're doing a great job. Dad will get over it.

  2. You're doing a great job. Dad will get over it.

  3. Dad is gonna have to fake you out. Not really look at the bedroom! Haaa, haa.