Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Who's the Angry Bird?

Another pourin' down rain day. Mom's about to go stir crazy....but Lexie's doin' her best to keep mom busy...washin' towels. Couldn't believe it...yesterday, while rainin'...Lexie even went swimmin' in the pond. Mom did manage to keep her door closed & keep Lexie from nappin' in it. I even had to put my paw down at one point. Me & mom were on the couch watchin' tv..& here comes Lexie runnin' in soakin' wet. (She does come inside if it starts rainin' really hard). Of course, the first thing she does is start rubbin' herself against the covers on the chairs & then the couch. When she got to rubbin' on the couch by me...I grumbled at her...hey, I didn't choose to get wet...I was nice & dry in the house. It's rainin' even more, today. Mom's got towels everywhere...including the washing machine (I think she was about to run out). She's already given us a bully stick, Lexie her kong w/peanut butter, played "find it" in the house, dried Lexie off a couple of looks to be a lonnnggggg day. Mom's dug out Lexie's microfiber Angry Bird towel, hopin' she can get caught up on washin' towels. Lexie's finally settled down to nap in the big chair by the back door & watch the rain. Me? Don't tell Lexie...but mom let me nap in her bed, there's nothin' better than listenin' to the rain & bein' able to stretch out on the big bed in the middle of the

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