Thursday, February 16, 2017

AHS does Squirrel Rescue

After dinner last nite, I went out to do..well, what I needed' to check the perimeter. Good thing....I found somethin' an' after tryin' to solve it myself, I let out an alert. I couldn't leave it, an' finally dad came out to see what was what. He didn't see anythin' but me tryin' to tear down Mr JD's fence post. He figured I had chased a lil' field mouse or rat into it an' was just tryin' to get at it. So, he made me leave it an' go back in the house.

A couple of hours later, me an' Lexie both confinced mom an' dad that we needed to go out. Dad figured it was a safe be that whatever had learned it's lesson an' had escaped an' (accordin' to mom musta had a brain burb) thought I had forgotten (really?!?).
Anyway, he let us out an' naturally, I zoomed straight across the yard to that back corner. Within seconds, I was back to soundin' an alert....along w/my assistant (cohort) Lexie. We were havin' a fit....a loud fit.

While mom was laughin' grabbed her lite an' a lead an' took off across the yard. (He has a different approach then mom). After a minute or two, he came back in the house w/me. Turned me over to mom an' then headed out after Lexie. When he returned w/her, he told mom about the fence post an' that somethin' must be in there...'cause he could hear somethin'. mom said she wanted to see what we were concerned about. (She knows' even for us, this was a tad unusual).

So, dad took mom out to show her where the problem was. There was somethin' in there alright. Mom could hear it. Dad thought maybe it was a bird...but then mom pointed to the lil' openin' at the bottom an' said she doesn't know of any birds w/red fur. There pokin' at the bottom was a lil' squirrel's paw.

Somehow, he had completely fallen down that hole in the post an' got himself stuck. I had been tryin' for hours to unstuck him...but that post wasn't budgin'. Mom went an' called Mr JD, an' told him that dad was outback an' he had a squirrel stuck in his fence post an' it needed rescuein'. A few minutes later, dad was in the house borrowin' mom's long barbque tongs an' puttin' on his grillin' gloves....he an' Mr JD had a plan.

First, they put a hose down the post, an' the squirrel grabbed on an' climbed out....but when he saw dad an' Mr JD...he ran the wrong way an' got himself stuck in the other part. So, dad tried to grab his tail w/the tongs with the intent to pull him out an' grab him w/the glove....but the squirrel scrunched up his tail an' dad couldn't get to him, all he got was a lil' tuft of tail hair.

Their next plan was to cover the post' poke him w/the hose from the other end an' make him back out. That worked....he backed himself out, grabbed the edge of the fence w/a death grip, poked his head around, looked at dad an' then hightailed it across our wooden fence to the trees.

Whew! That lil' guy was probably stuck there most of the day an' hours into the nite.. He had almost lost his bark when mom heard was a lil' hoarse an' desperate soundin'... Lexie an' I chase squirrels as they run from tree to tree, even occasionally when they get on the ground. But we've never caught one...not sure if we really want may be all about the chase. But....we do know the sound of' when somethin' isn't right. When that happens, if we can't fix it, then we're gonna get help. It's nice to know that mom an' dad pay attention.

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