Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tunnel job

Mom's learned.....last nite at the first sound of Lexie barkin' was out that door w/her light. Dad didn't have time to deal w/that critter hole at the back fence, an' that's the first place mom looked. (Plus the bushes movin' kinda gave Lexie away). Mom shined her lite down there an' there was just part of a furry butt an' tail stickin' out. The tunnel had tunneled some more.

Mom told Lexie to get outa there (in THAT voice) an' Lexie backed herself outa there real quick, then looked to mom thinkin' mom was gonna help her somehow. Well..surprise did. She went an' got the water hose an' standin' back a lil' in the bushes, she let loose w/the water an' fill that tunnel up.....about half way, she decided that she might oughta get that lite shinin' on her work.....what if whatever Lexie thinks is in there decided havin' his quarters flooded wasn't gonna work for him an' he swam out an' ran to the bushes (mom) for safety. Mom's experienced havin' furry creatures run across her feet before in the dark an' believe you me...she don't like it none.

Anyway, she only had to tell Lexie a couple of times not to even think about checkin' out that water filled muddy hole. Lexie an' I kept an eye on' then did a check of the surroundin' areas....we found nothin' an' when mom declared it "all gone" an' said "everyone in the house"...we were all for it. The excitement was still runnin' high as with all AHS was like ol' times w/mom helpin' out w/her lite an' us on the' typically, when she's involved...we don't actually get to catch anythin'...but in the end, we still get a reward for a job well done....tonite it was big Blue'sBones. So...alls well than ends well......but I do seem to remember her tellin' dad that she's buyin' some quick mix concrete today......

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