Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's the cat's fault

I'm blaming it mostly on that' maybe the full moon.

It tried to come in our yard (yes, I've told ya'll before it's crazy). We chased it back over the fence...of course. Well, it kinda rained a lil' last nite an' was all drizzly durin' the day. So, that meant things (dirt) was kinda muddy.
I also came to the conclusion that Lexie is
We spent a lot of time barkin', not only in frustation at not catchin' that cat..but also tellin' it what's gonna happen if we catch it. But, it was kinda late, so mom called us in.
Naturally, we were in a high state of excitement & wanted mom to know of our adventure. I'm pretty sure she figured it out..because first thing she did was stand back, her eyes got really big, & yelled, "nooooooo.....look at your feet!". Then she grabbed Lexie & they were off to the showers. I took a moment & looked at my feet. YUCK! I ran to the shower, too..but mom had Lexie in there first. I have to admit she was in bad shape. Not only was her feet muddy, but her legs, tummy & even her beard. She was almost black all over.
We were in the same place...don't know how she does it. It must be 'cause she's, & wallows in it. I laid there & watched her get soaped up twice comtemplating this. I looked at my feet & again went, "yuck". (I don't like my feet even to be dirty). Finally, mom dried Lexie off, & I almost bumped her outa the way tryin' to get in there & get my feet clean. Mom laughed...just my feet were dirty..not my legs, belly or beard..just feet. She cleaned 'em & dried them w/a towel.
Lexie had been standin' by & watchin' & watin'. As soon as mom gave me the all clear..Lexie & I went straight to mom's bed, pulled back the covers & wallowed in the clean sheets w/our clean feet. Mom wasn't happy....we were clean...but still a lil' damp....good thing she had some dry sheets' dad was still up 'cause it was Friday nite.....

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