Thursday, February 16, 2017

Don' t mess w/the Routine....

Interesting morning....first off..I was sure dad forgot to set his alarm, so I woke him up at 3:30 am w/one loud "woof"...really close to him.. Needless to say, he got up (I don't have a snooze alarm..& he knew that my paw was ready to give him a lil' "push" if he didn't). 

He let us out & closed the big door.  

Well, it's not like I have a calendar in my pocket. I didn't know he didn't have to go to work. Which woulda' been A-ok in my book, but guess what happened.
 He went back to bed. Not only that, he forgot to open Lexie's lil' doggy door. We were stuck outside!

We waited, we patrolled (Tthere's not much goin' on at that time of mornin'. the Nite varmits have already been out & about & are snoozin...the early mornin' ones haven't gotten up, yet)...we even tried waitin' patiently. Then we got to worryin' about mom. You see, after dad leaves for work...I get up in the big bed w/mom (on dad's pillow) & Lexie stations herself in the doorway, while mom sleeps....totally secure & safe w/us on the job. We didn't know dad was still there...where was mom?...what was going on? It had been almost two hours...this was not right at all! So, I started hollerin' w/Lexie addin' her two cents.

Almost immediately...the big door opened & there was dad. There we were sittin' right on the other side..waitin' for him.   Before he could say or do anything...we zoomed past. Lexie grapped her stuffed puppy (just in case mom needed it for some reason) & we both made a beeline for mom.

There she was ...asleep. Lexie pushed her puppy in mom's face, I jumped up & started sniffin' & kissin' to make sure she was ok. She seemed ok...there seemed to be some she told us to lay down & go to sleep. Then she rolled over, ...then started grumblin' about grit on her face when she pulled up on the covers (which was kinda amazin' that she could pull 'em up, since I was layin' across her chest & Lexie was across her legs.)

Then dad tried to get back in bed...I scooted over & managed to get on the edge of his pillow (I was gonna share..kinda). He laid down....then I started wrigglin' & pushin' w/my the time I was good & comfy..he was barely hangin' on the edge. Mom went back to sleep (w/Lexie's puppy tucked next to her), me & Lexie were snoozin'...but dad..well, he finally gave up & got up. Woo hoo, more room for us!

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