Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Mooch....

Don't know why I'm even commentin' on it. It's an ongoin' situation , & I don't see it ever changin'. Actually, it's a "who" & not a "what"...Lexie...aka- "the mooch", "the wheedler", "the suck-up". 

It almost always happens....mom or dad will call us into the kitchen. Then they'll give us somethin'...maybe a cookie or piece of jerky..just somethin'. I'll get mine...take it to my bed-central & TRY to enjoy it. Lexie gets hers about a nano second after I get mine...and then proceeds to scarfs it down, then runs after me, stares at me while I'm tryin' to enjoy mine...hopin' I'll let her have it. 

When she decides I'm ignorin' her (the best I can), she runnnnssss back in the kitchen, sits, wags her lil' tail, ..prob'bly grins or holds her paw up in the hope to score an extra. Oh...I know what's goin' on. Believe it or not...a lot of times she gets away w/it, & gets another one.

As I finish mine, I listen for a chuckle, the lid to our cookie jar, or any talkin'. Then I make my way back in the kitchen. An' lo & behold..just in time to see her either gettin' another treat or munchin' on one. 

Naturally, they feel guilty & give me another, too. You'd think that'd be the end of it...but nooooo. Lexie is tryin' all over again w/the cute act.

I'm not about to leave a second time...I wanna know if she gets away w/it.

She's got them convinced that the extra she got by herself didn't count, & that if we are both there...we have to both get somethin'. It wouldn't be fair to only give one of us somethin' in front of the other.

Actually, you have to give the lil' con artist credit for a well thought out scheme.

I'm not really concerned....& I'm not tellin' about the fact me & mom have a secret silent signal, or the fact that when she does it...I very quietly go to her & she gives me somethin' special. (It's our lil' secret).

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